Photography by Miloš Marković Photography by Miloš Marković


September 15th, 2018

Moment to reflect on…

For sure you know the story - you finaly visit your dream place, scout for the perfect location, decide to make a hike slightly before the peak time and hoping to be at the

right place at the time. While you are there and already ejoying the benefits of your streinious effort being rewarded by the most beautiful vista, and the fact that you can

engage all your senses in the unspoiled nature and in absolute solitude.

As the daylight slowly fades away, you are becoming more alert, setting up your photo equipment, calculating the exposure and than patiently waiting for the magic to happen.

Suddenly the place get completely different look bathed in the most beautiful overcast light, the sky clears and the space simply starts to glow, soft reflections and vibrant

colors all over the place while you keep your composure in order to preserve the memory.

While you keep observing, already knowing that you have some “keepers” (as always being just relatively sattisfied!), the decisive moment happens - the sky explodes and all possible shades, colors and photons make a life dance in front of your eyes. At that moment being aware that you have photographically missed it (who in this world would have calculated that rhapsody of color and light), you take a deep breath, make a step away form your tripod and dive into the scene.

Being just there and overwelmed by the heavenly beauty, you inhale the energy that you have been blessed with and the senses get saturated with life-saver impulses, that will keep you going long after it ever happened.

While dabbling through the darkness, the full moon supports your relatively safe descend through the hillside forest, you keep walking with a big smile and warm heart, content  and knowing that you have been priviledged to whitnesses a sheer magic.

The scene gets enrgaved in your memory for the lifetime, and just for the sake of reassuring the ones that believe in the “fisherman’s tale”, you show them the frame - that one closest to the peak moment - while being only a pale copy of what you have whitnessed, but still a worthy “keeper”.

And the memory remains…